Download Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Free

Download Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Free

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK (Unlimited Money)



  • 100M+
NameBlock Puzzle Jewel MOD APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money
Compatible Android Version4.1 and up
Offered Byhua weiwei

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Score
  • Unlocked
  • Free shopping

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is a challenging and addictive puzzle game for Android devices. It is the perfect way to test your skills and has hours of fun trying to beat your highest score. This version includes exciting new features that make the game even more enjoyable, including extra levels, unlimited coins, and special boosters. The game follows the traditional block-sliding style of gameplay, where players must arrange pieces to fit within a box to clear each level.

There are hundreds of puzzles to solve, and all games are unique. This highly addictive puzzle game requires players to solve challenging puzzles by strategically placing blocks of different shapes. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or just looking to pass the time, Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK offers something for everyone.


Block Puzzle Jewel is a popular puzzle game that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It is the perfect game for anyone who loves challenging themselves and enjoying a fun puzzle game. The MOD APK version of the game allows you to play with unlimited money and gold, which means you can purchase whatever item you need in-game without worrying about money. You can also benefit from infinite lives, so you have endless chances of completing puzzles and earning rewards.

The objective of Block Puzzle Jewel is to fill up the entire grid with blocks without leaving any gaps – it’s a classic block-sliding puzzle game with added difficulty levels and an exciting twist on the typical gameplay mechanics. Every level has its own unique set of blocks and different goals for each board – making this one suitable for casual gamers and hardcore players alike!


The Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is a fun and challenging game that offers players various gameplay options. This game allows users to engage in various puzzles and challenges as they navigate the levels. The game consists of multiple blocks that must be placed strategically to complete each level. Players must think carefully about their moves to reach the highest possible score.

In addition to the classic block puzzle gameplay, the Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK includes various additional features, such as unique jewels that can be collected throughout each level. These jewels unlock special items that further challenge and excitement while playing the game. Furthermore, various power-ups help players move along faster and make it easier for them to complete levels quickly. All these features make for an enjoyable gaming experience that will keep players hooked from start to finish.

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK [unlimited money ]

How to download Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK?

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is a classic block puzzle game modified for a more challenging experience. To download the MOD APK, you can follow these steps:

First, search for “Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK” on your preferred website like APKDOTS.COM, and find a reliable download source. Once you find the file, click on it to start downloading. Depending on your internet connection speed, downloading may take some time.

Once the file has been downloaded, open it with an Android emulator if you are using a computer or directly install it on your Android device if you have one. Follow the instructions during installation and wait until the process is finished. You should now be able to access Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK and enjoy its enhanced gameplay!

Mod Feature

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is an addictive puzzle game that will bring hours of fun. This free-to-play game offers players a delightful and challenging experience as they try to fit blocks together to create full lines across the board. But if you want more out of Block Puzzle Jewel, consider downloading its MOD APK version. Here are the features of the MOD version:

Unlimited Money

With this version, you’ll get access to unlimited money that can be used to purchase various items and upgrades from the in-game store. Plus, no ads are making the gameplay experience even more enjoyable. With its colorful graphics and easy controls, Block Puzzle Jewel is an excellent way for anyone who loves puzzles or strategy games to have fun!

Unlocked All Premium Feature

This MOD APK unlocks all the premium features, giving you access to all the levels and power-ups. With this unlocked version of Block Puzzle Jewel, you’ll have a greater variety of puzzles and challenges to keep your mind sharp.

Unlimited Gold

What makes Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK so unique is its Unlimited Gold feature. This means that players can access all the coins they need to purchase additional power-ups, boosts, and other items, which can help them reach new heights on every level. With no limit on gold coins, gamers can take their time-solving puzzles without worrying about running out of coins!

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK [unlimited money & coins]

Features Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is an entertaining and challenging puzzle game for all ages. The new version of the Block Puzzle Jewel offers additional features that make this exciting game even better! Here are some top features of the game:

No Ads

What makes the Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK even more appealing is that it’s free from ads, meaning uninterrupted gameplay and no pesky commercial breaks! This version lets you enjoy the game without worrying about intrusive pop-ups or notifications.

The game goal is clear

Block Puzzle Jewel has a simple goal: fit all the blocks into the grid. The blocks come in different shapes and sizes, making it challenging for players to find the best way to fit them together. As a bonus, each block is made from beautiful gems that sparkle and shine when arranged in a satisfying pattern.

colorful graphics

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is a classic block puzzle game with a modern twist. Featuring colorful graphics and challenging puzzles, the Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is sure to entertain gamers of all ages. The colorful graphics help add to the overall charm and make it easy on the eyes even after long hours of playtime. The audio effects are quite immersive, too, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable as you solve each puzzle individually.

Hint, Undo, and Shuffle

You can complete each level easily with hints, updos, and shuffles. The hints feature gives players a nudge in the right direction when they’re stuck on a certain move – allowing them to progress further into the puzzle game. The undo button can help take out moves that were not intended and help players go back to earlier stages of their puzzle.

Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK [unlimited coins]

Play in landscape mode

The game features colorful jewels, challenging levels, and multiple modes of play for an enjoyable experience. With the MOD APK version, you can now play in landscape mode and access even more levels.


Block Puzzle Jewel is an amazing puzzle game for anyone who wants to challenge themselves or pass the time. Players can customize the difficulty of the puzzles, giving them a unique and personalized experience. Its stunning visuals, smooth controls, and pleasant music make it easy to see why this game is so popular with millions of players worldwide. Plus, if you download the Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK version, you can access unlimited lives and other exciting features.


Yes, an alternative method is to download and install Block Puzzle Jewel apk for Android. You can use the Google Play Store to download and install the app. To do this, open your device’s Google Play Store app, search for “Block Puzzle Jewel,” and click “Install.” This will begin the download and installation process. Once it has finished, you can open the app and begin playing.

Another way to get Block Puzzle Jewel is to download the APK file from a trusted third-party website. This involves searching for a reliable website offering APK downloads, downloading the file directly onto your device, and then manually installing it by entering your device settings. It is important to ensure you are downloading from a secure source to avoid any potential security risks.

Yes, you can play Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK on your PC. First, download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox Player. These emulators will allow you to run the game on your computer and give you access to its features. Once the emulator is installed, search for the game in the Google Play Store and click install. The game should then be ready to play on your computer.

It’s worth noting that playing a modded version of Block Puzzle Jewel may not work properly with an emulator. This is because the modded version may have been designed for specific hardware or software unavailable on your PC. If this is the case, you may need to find a different version of the game that works with your setup.

Yes, Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK is safe to download and use. The game has been tested for safety by the developers and is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. Additionally, the game is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The game does not require any personal information or access to your device’s hardware or software, so you can be sure that it will not cause any damage to your device. Furthermore, the game contains no malicious code or malware that could harm your device.

If you need clarification about downloading the Block Puzzle Jewel MOD APK, it is best to read user reviews before downloading it. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the game is right for you.

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