How to Get Spotify Premium for Free? (Detail Guide)

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free
Just like the most popular game in the world, PUBG, which is massively popular in the South East Asian market, Spotify Premium is widely popular in the West. It can be bought for as little as $9.99 per month. But in this article, I will explain How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?
While it’s true that you can buy a $20 version of Spotify Premium for as little as $9.99 per month. It will take you quite a while to get to that point. So that’s not an actual strategy you can use. You would need to spend at least $9.99 before you could get free access.
In fact, if you want to know how to use Spotify Premium for free, here’s how:
  1. Buy a premium account and then download an app called “Spotify”. Which lets you play those premium music tracks on your phone
  2. Go to this link and download the app on your phone
  3. After downloading it on your phone. Fill up your account details and make sure that this app is installed on your phone
  4. After downloading it on your phone, start playing some music! If everything works fine, then congratulations – you have successfully used Spotify Premium for free!!

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?

  • There are so many ways to get Spotify Premium for free. I will tell you how I did it.
  • First, you need a premium account with Spotify. If you don’t have one, go here and sign up for a free one.
  • Then download the Spotify application from this website.
  • Finally, activate your new account on your phone by entering your phone number or password (which will be sent to your email).
  • You will see a prompt asking you to confirm your new password. Enter the same password again (you don’t need to remember this one) and then click on the ‘Activate’ button at the top right of the screen to finish the setup process.
  • After that, all you need is music selected from your library and some space on your phone’s storage to play it (and obviously an internet connection). You can listen on Spotify from any mobile device (or desktop). It also helps if you have good friends who also use Spotify ;-).

Spotify Free Premium Accounts Method

So, you want to get Spotify Premium for free? Now, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

First Method

One is to just simply create an account with Spotify, and use that to sign up for the free premium version. The drawback here is that you have to trust Spotify and they will keep your account active and keep sending you promotional emails.
Tip: If you want to get the music library in your phone (which many iOS users would do) you can download the iOS app called “Spotify for iOS” which also allows for offline playback.

Second Method

The second way is that some users have managed to obtain Spotify accounts without paying for them. Which charges pennies per month by the user if they want access to the entire music library. There are a few other methods as well, including apps like [Spotify Free] and [Spotify Unlimited].

Spotify Premium has unlimited downloads

The first thing you will want to do when getting started with Spotify Premium is downloaded their app on your phone or tablet in order to use the app. You will have to sign in with your Spotify account credentials. Once this has been done, you can start downloading music from their catalogue as well as some of the other music-streaming services like Pandora and Rhapsody by signing into your Spotify account credentials on any device that you have access to as well as on your laptop/desktop/PC etc.
All of these will then be available for streaming via any device that supports Spotify Premium, which in turn means that all of these services are not only available for download but also for streaming via any device that supports them! That’s a lot of platforms! It is really quite amazing! Everything that we would normally have limited ourselves to using only one device is now available in multiple forms!
Spotify subscription costs nothing if cancelled within 30 days (and they don’t feel like they need users’ consent before doing so)
If you want, there’s no reason why you should pay anything at all right. Now if you cancel 30 days past the end date (which comes out today!). They will refund without asking for any reason.


This article has outlined a method for becoming a free user of Spotify Premium, and it’s worth taking a look at. If you would like to become a free user of Spotify Premium. The best way to do it is by using the “Spotify Connect” app. It’s an app that can connect your Android phone with your computer. So you can play music from Spotify on your computer and see what is playing on your phone at the same time.
If for some reason you don’t have one of these free apps set up in your phone (or if you just want to use it as is), you can use another app, such as SoundHound. SoundHound is a simple app that allows you to scan songs, albums and artists in order to find others similar to them by entering certain keywords in the search field. After this, Spotify will automatically send the result back into SoundHound. You can then choose which ones sound good (as individual songs or albums) and add them to your library or stream them through SoundCloud.

Once again, though, there are some downsides:

  1. It doesn’t work that well with streams — if the music isn’t available in any particular format or even at all.
  2. The search engine is limited — only allows searching for specific artists, tracks and albums. So if you have lots of albums by yourself or certain artists that nobody else uses.
  3. It only works with internet connections via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G; not LTE (which will be on by year-end).
So why bother? Because it works! A lot more people than us have access to Spotify Premium right now anyway; so why not enjoy it for free too?

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